Microfluidics modeling

The present computer simulations are devoted to chemistry, biotechnologies and microtechnologies. Coming from fluid mechanics and electrochemistry, I have developed a transversal expertise around chemistry modeling in fluidics and microfluidics, including the coupling with electric, magnetic and thermal fields. Applications range from chemical engineering to biosensors and bio-analytical platforms (microsystems, MEMS, bioassays). The services varies from physical analysis to optimization counsel (20 years experience of the multiphysics finite element software Flux-Expert ™).

Devoted to microfluidics and biosensors computer simulation

Studies that fit your need

* Theoretical studies (détermination of the governing phenomena).
* Feasability studies (preliminary studies in // with experiments).
* Parametric studies (scaling, optimisation).

simulation Industrial references

* Fluid mixing in microsystèmes for Degussa (Germany)
* Aluminium electrolysis for Rio Tinto Alcan (France)
* Probe simulation for Boschung Mecatronics (Switzzerland)
* Ccathodic protection of hot water boilers for EDF (France)
* Underwater communication for TFE Electronics (France)
* Electrodeposition pour Framatome Connectors (...)


simulation bolier . simulation numerique electrolyse

simulaion numerique mixing ..simulation numerique pinch injection

simulation electrochimie
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Numerical simulation of microfluidics for biotechnologies (microsystems, MEMS, bio-analytical assays and biosensors)